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To ensure optimal functioning, our website uses cookies. By using the website you agree to the use of cookies. Their ultimate Noble Phantasm, Enuma Elish, can even restrain gods - although it only obtains that much power when actually faced with godly opposition. This brings us to Karna. Frankly, Karna's potential is ridiculous. While Enkidu has higher stats and might be favored to win in a straight fight between the two since he was specifically designed to handle rowdy demigods , Karna has a more aggressive skillset while also being practically invulnerable so long as he keeps his armor on.

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Here's just a sample of what Karna has going for him โ€” for one, external attacks can barely hurt him so long as he keeps on his armor. Secondly, when he takes it off, he gains one of the most powerful nuke-type Noble Phantasms in all of Fate lore, the spear Vasavi Shakti, which can eradicate entire countries. Thirdly, he can shoot eye lasers, because why not at this point? Beyond all that, he's super-good at just waving his spear around like a regular warrior. He even comes with a built in lie detector, which seems like an absolutely invaluable skill in a Grail War, where victory tends to boil down to dirty tricks and scheming between masters.

The biggest issue with Karna is that he's hella expensive in terms of mana costs, so you'll want to be at least an El-Melloi-level MP sink if you want to try summoning him. A lot of what she's given is just carried over from what Cu can do, with the caveat that she's better at it since she's the one who taught the guy.

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This runs the risk of making you a predictable and boring target in the Grail War. While we're on that subject, you might think Cu Chulainn should be a candidate since his spear, Gae Bolg, is supposed to deliver a one-hit kill, but I wouldn't value those gimmicky types of abilities too highly. Let's face it, no Grail War was won or lost because because someone got immediately murdered by Sasaki Kojiro. You're not going to get that lucky.

The Red String of Fate: A beautiful Japanese legend

They both have rather chill personalities, so there's no conflict there. In the end, I think I'll be leaning on luxury for this choice and selecting Karna, since this gold-plated MPH explosion bishonen is just more fun than his environmentally friendly counterpart. Riders are a hard category to evaluate since the class possesses such a wide array of skills. Its only requirement is that you ride something, and that thing can be anything from a dragon to a boat to a thinly-veiled metaphor for dick. At least we can start by invoking the No Goddesses rule to reject Quetzalcoatl, who would otherwise be the easy choice for the lucky Master in question.

This narrows us down a couple of other folks, from the usual face-smashing demigod to a more unusual choice. He's the one who went through all of that Moses drama in the famous Bible story. Since the Egyptian pharaohs were considered both descendants and incarnations of the sun god Ra, Ozzy has all sorts of crazy god shit at his disposal that you can take advantage of without having direct access to the original deity.

For example, he counts as a Rider because he flies around on a solar airship that shoots killer lasers, and his trump card is the ability to drop a pyramid full of sphinxes on your face and laugh maniacally.

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That's right. He can and will drop a damn pyramid on your opponent's double-damned face. And if that's not enough, he can wield this pyramid defensively by holing up inside and letting the enemy try to reach him through his layers of insane puzzle traps. Ozymandias is immortal while inside his stronghold, so you have to take down the whole structure to get to him. Once inside, your foes must face legions of sphinxes, a poisoning curse that'll kill anything that isn't another servant, and a blocker that prevents the use of most Noble Phantasms. Good luck beating this ancient Egyptian version of Kevin McCallister at his own game.

To be fair, there are some alternatives, and the biggest is a fellow Ozzy might not like very much โ€” one Pale Rider aka Pestilence, the apocalyptic disease-bringer from the Book of Revelation itself. As you might expect, Pale Rider is an extremely unusual servant that can't even be properly characterized as a person. If you're looking for more servants like Tesla who could easily bypass most defenses you're likely to face in combat including Ozzy's death cage , Pale Rider is one of them. Of course, the problem is that it might resurrect the Black Plague and subject the rest of humanity to a horrifying epidemic, so you should probably have a contingency plan in place for that scenario.

Setting aside that unconventional option for more eccentric mages, Ozymandias remains an easy pick for 1.

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There are lots of great Riders to choose from, so I'll admit it feels strange to not even consider such demonstrably strong servants as Iskandar in this class. I mean, he can summon an army, but what's that going to do against a guy who's locked himself in an immortality vault guarded by one million sphinxes? Caster is maybe the most crowded class in all of Fate lore because it encompasses a ton of famous people who lack martial prowess. Scheherazade's storytelling? Magic, obviously. Charles Babbage? Being good at computers is also magic.

Leonardo Da Vinci's groundbreaking anatomical sketches and use of perspective in painting? And of course, these varied skillsets all achieve their ultimate form by being used to power different types of giant fuck-off lasers. Despite the variety inherent to this class, it's perhaps unsurprising that this category boils down to a contest between two of the most infamous magic users in history: Merlin and Solomon.

Between a King and a Kingmaker, which of these two would be the better option in a seven-man skirmish for your own heart's desire?

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Merlin's a bit of a special case in Fate lore since he never technically died. Still, the guy is really good at magic, so he's figured out how to cast projections of his physical body anywhere and anywhen he wants.

Beyond that, Merlin has access to all the shit you could possibly do with magic, especially illusions. He could boost your capabilities โ€” especially physical ones โ€” about as high as they'll go and even see into the future. But since that's kind of a gimmick, I don't really want to count it as a skill he can wield reliably.

Now Solomon is the much more active option. As the founder of most of the Magecraft systems used in the modern-day Fate universe, he is truly the lord of magicky shit โ€” and he's a pretty nice guy to boot. In his legends, the guy was famous for mastery over 72 demons and receiving miraculous wisdom from God. Beyond that, Solomon is clairvoyant like Merlin, and he owns ten god-given rings that can conjure and create any sort of Magecraft instantly.