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Here Jesus is characterized by movement from the outer court to the inner one. The point is to open the way into the presence of God. As you preach, you might move from place to place in your own sanctuary, starting near the door and ending up at the altar.

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That can help others receive the text with their eyes as well as their ears. The crux is the notion of a physical barrier that reflects a relational barrier. In human experience a graphic example is an argument in which someone walks out and closes the door. The question is how the relationship can continue when the door is closed. To bring change, a mediator might be needed.

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One might ask a friend to seek access through the closed door in order to speak with the other person, to open up possibilities for relationship. That notion of opening the door is vividly depicted here in a surprising way. It is God who wants the door to be opened to us. It is God who sends Christ as the mediator, who conveys the divine love that overcomes the barrier.


His death and resurrection open the way to renewed relationship with God. This section is about the power of the Word of God to evoke faith. The Word is unseen, but its power is visible through its peculiar effects on human beings. The writer assumes that unbelief is the baseline, and his question is why can there be faith at all?

He was writing to a faltering congregation. The idea is that if there is to be faith, something beyond our senses must pull it into being.

Examples from the past include Noah, who ordinarily would have seen no good reason to build an ark. Why expend the effort if it is not raining?

The Word warned of danger and pointed to deliverance, but neither could be seen. Abraham and Sarah were called from their home toward a land they could not see. It was the promise of God that moved them to do this. The readers themselves are being called from despair to hope.

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The image of the stadium in portrays it vividly. Again, think visually.

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Readers are like those being drawn into the race by Jesus, who summons them to engagement. Without the Word, there is no reason for this congregation to persevere. He converted to Christianity in at a small Methodist chapel, to which he detoured during a snowstorm. He was appointed to a six-month trial position, which he requested be cut to three months should the congregation dislike his preaching. He gained instant fame, however, and the church grew from members to more than 5, by the end of his pastorate.

Throughout his ministry, Spurgeon estimated that he preached to more than 10,, people. Dwight L. US Dollar Euro. Register Log in Wishlist 0 Shopping cart 0.

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Hebrews 11:1-3, The Meaning and Means of Faith

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