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The expectations of tradition coupled with the limitations of law gave women of the late s very few opportunities for individual expression, not to mention independence. Expected to perform their domestic duties and care for the health and happiness of their families, Victorian women were prevented from seeking the satisfaction of their own wants and needs.

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During her gradual awakening, Edna discovers her own identity and acknowledges her emotional and sexual desires. Initially, Edna experiences her independence as no more than an emotion. When she swims for the first time, she discovers her own strength, and through her pursuit of her painting she is reminded of the pleasure of individual creation.

Yet when Edna begins to verbalize her feelings of independence, she soon meets resistance from the constraints—most notably, her husband—that weigh on her active life. And when she makes the decision to abandon her former lifestyle, Edna realizes that independent ideas cannot always translate into a simultaneously self-sufficient and socially acceptable existence.

The note Robert leaves for Edna makes clear to Edna the fact that she is ultimately alone in her awakening.

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Once Robert refuses to trespass the boundaries of societal convention, Edna acknowledges the profundity of her solitude. Despite their chastity, these women speak freely and share their emotions openly. Their frankness initially shocks Edna, but she soon finds it liberating. Edna learns that she can face her emotions and sexuality directly, without fear.

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Edna also learns to express herself through art. But the very passions themselves were aroused within her soul, swaying it, lashing it, as the waves daily beat upon her splendid body. Which means we should cut to commercial so they can figure it out!

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    Then Kaorinite does a thing, Sailor Pluto shows up and And within ten seconds, Chibi Moon gets captured, Sailor Pluto goes "oh no", and Kaorinite vanishes into some weird black portal with the brat. Now Mercury is doing a thing I guess, and getting slapped down. Whatever will the girls do now?

    You mean their actual teamwork, where they act as a team instead of just attacking them one at a time? There is something very wrong with the pacing in the second half of this episode. It's pretty nice when the girls actually do work together, and Jupiter manages to catch one of them off guard, and once separated they just keep striking from the mists to wear them down, and eventually get the twins to blast each other to death.

    So much for them! Now things are back to normal-ish, except a portal opens up to If I find out the secret underground lab has been in some weird alternate dimension this entire time, I will be kind of angry in general. So now they're off to the secret not underground lair lit entirely by dark lights. Also Uranus and Neptune found their way in here somehow just in time to see Oh look, there's a 'ceremony' going on. Oh no, Chibi Moon is there. Oh no giant purple force fields keep the girls from doing anything.

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    Oh yeah and those other girls show up in time to see what's going on and freak out. Oh hey and look Kaorinite is there and so is Hotaru Devil Thing. Sailor Moon dives into the barrier thing, falls over, and then some weird music starts playing which is kinda cool and creepy. Oh and the "messiah" has finally awakened, and has a purple arm come out of her chest to dive into Chibi Moon's.

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    There's no other way to say Chibiusa at this point, so Setsuna says. And Usagi is all "dont' want anyone else getting hurt" so all the girls head out to They just kind of walk around while saying they're about to go do a thing. What that thing is, that's anyone's guess of course but it looks like they're all going back to the school that just blew up, so chances are it's Final Boss-related. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. This looks kind of cool as a still image.