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Adding cream of tartar to the caramel prevents the sugar from crystallizing.

Nana's Special Soup

Drizzle the sauce over the cake; save the rest for passing alongside. Pproof that the simple combination of brown sugar, ginger, and caramel is all you need for an amazing explosion of flavor. There are two ways to make this delicious caramel spread: One is more classic—cooking down milk and sugar—but it requires a fair amount of attention and stirring. The other uses sweetened condensed milk and a long, though mostly unattended, time in the oven. Both methods are outlined here.

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Combine the sweetness of caramel with smoked, salty Marcona almonds and a sprinkling of crunchy fleur de sel. This caramel-drenched dessert has a double shot of coffee: it's in the ice cream, and it's in the crispy candy on top. Give a grown-up, garnet-hued twist to a Halloween classic by coating apples in a red wine—infused caramel sauce.

Spiking caramel with booze is a smart move, especially when that caramel gets drizzled over cool and creamy semifreddo. Fudgy cookies go Latin with an infusion of dulce de leche, a sweet milk caramel similar to cajeta and arequipe.

These cool treats are happily portable on their crisp shortbread crusts. The delicate, earthy sweetness of Fuyu persimmons is a perfect match for apples in this classic French dessert. A quick caramel sauce and easy puff pastry crust give you big payoff for very little fuss. Store-bought caramel sauce spiked with a little sea salt makes these fast and easy puddings something special.

Folding fresh or frozen berries into warm caramel makes for a sauce that's unlike any other. This recipe works just as well with frozen berries. A buttery crust is topped with caramel, then a layer of chocolate ganache in this version of a traditional Australian dessert. When caramel is squished between almond shortbread and dark chocolate ganache, what's not to like?

This might be a candy bar in tart form, but it still manages to be a dinner-party-worthy dessert. In this delicious dessert, tender spice cake is layered with maple-sugar frosting, candied pecans, and a salty-sweet caramel sauce. A pinch of salt in these custards heightens the caramel flavor.

nanas magic tea berries china Manual

Fleur de sel is a fancy sea salt, hand harvested from evaporating pools along the coast of Brittany in France. The delicate flavor is a perfect match for these warm gooey cakes. The crisp cookie base provides a perfect contrast to the luscious caramel-flavored dulce de leche—caramelized milk—hidden under the creamiest cheesecake layer. The only thing nicer than the toasty-salty taste of this ice cream is the gorgeous, buttery brown color.

Photo by Christopher Testani.


Photo by Jonathan Lovekin. Photo by Chelsea Kyle, food styling by Rhoda Boone.

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  • Photo by Sidney Bensimon. Caramel is BFF's with everyone, pretty much, from boozy bourbon to luscious bananas.

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    Photo by Matthew Septimus. Photo by Brian Leatart. You can also make this with prunes as a cure for constipation.

    Put the mixture in a pot and simmer for about 30 minutes before straining off the raisins. Add a slice of lemon to the tea if you like, and drink warm or keep in the fridge. Recipe Easy banana bread with cream cheese filling Food Sep 20, Recipe Dairy-free avocado and lemon muffins Food Sep 20, Kitchen Tips How to choose the right wine to cook with: Can I use the cheap stuff?

    Food To Love Sep 18, Prep: 1 hr 20 mins Cook: 40 mins. Prep: 10 mins Cook: 45 mins. Prep: 5 mins Cook: -. Prep: 5 mins Cook: 5 mins.

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    The Pioneer Woman Tasty Kitchen. Breakfast Eggs Pancakes Waffles. Print One Comment One Review x. Preparation Combine fat and flour in an iron skillet on medium-high heat and stir well until lumps are gone and mixture is nice and brown. Serve on top of your favorite biscuits! More Recipes from agirlinherkitchen. Find agirlinherkitchen elsewhere on the web.

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