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Weaknesses include Cursed Oil and Golden Oriole as well as Northern Wind bombs and you can see how far those will get you.

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For me, it was more a careful process of not dying. The Toad Prince will take burn damage so lob some fiery bombs at him first and watch his health drop a little.

Hearts of stone in Ireland’s civil war

Continue until the creature is very dead. If you take damage, run to the edge of the arena and take a healing potion or use the active Quen shield.

Take note — only his green spit attack will heal you, that lashing tongue goes right through your shield. Of course, you could also knock down the difficulty level a notch or two, which might be useful for getting back up to speed with this game.

Arya & Lady Stoneheart's Revenge Plots On 'Game Of Thrones' Are Eerily Similar

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To Kill a Stone Heart

Vintage View: Check out the pottery that broke the mould. Wedding of the Week: Childhood sweethearts tie the knot. After a day and a half, her naked body is then dumped into the Green Fork river.

After being brutally and repeatedly stabbed by the Waif, Arya jumps into the river to escape. A little milk of the poppy, some bandages, and bed rest make Arya good as new and ready to kill again. Now dubbed Lady Stoneheart, Catelyn soon begins leading the Brotherhood without Banners as they systematically hunt down members of the Frays, Lannisters, and Boltons in order to slake her thirst for revenge after the Red Wedding.

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Lady Stoneheart, in a manner befitting her new name, makes little distinction between those guilty in earnest, and those guilty by association. She soon reveals her true self to him, just before she slits his throat. Now that last bit is what really drives home the idea that Arya might be a stand-in for Lady Stoneheart. Do you think Arya will continue her single-minded pursuit of slaughtering everyone on her list without regard for larger consequences?