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This method of turning the steering is not very popular. It is frowned on by many people due to its complex nature. But if you make wide turns as you drive, this will help make your steering turning easier. Place both your right and left hands on the top of the steering. Ensure that you are very relaxed as stiffness will hinder the movement.

For instance, if you are making a left turn, place your hands on and on the clock. Move your left hand down to and your right hand down to Traffic laws: Flout these 10 Nigerian driving rules at your own risk! Here comes another interesting name.

The wheel’s still turning but the hamster’s dead — the importance of frequently measuring outcomes

What have dishes got to do with the steering wheels? You will soon find out. Get a grip of the steering with both hands. But if you are backing up, one hand is enough to give you desired movements.

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This will give you a good rear view. Use your left hand to turn the steering. Who has thought you can apply dish washing into steering wheel turning? It is good you have learned how to make the various steering wheel turnings, but there are other things you need to be aware of in order to master the process.

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Unless you are backing up, ensure that you position both hands on the wheel before executing any of the techniques discussed above. This will enable you have a grasp of the steering for total control in the turning process. Failure to do this will leave you trying to find the right balance and getting you confused. Your hands are not meant to caress the steering while driving but hold it firmly. You must always be in control at all times, so you can take swift actions if the need arises.

Merely placing your hands on the wheel does not do justice to your driving. In the event of a crisis, you will not be able to take charge and get your car in one position. This craving of the Buddhists must not be equated to the First Cause of the Hindus. It has neither a beginning nor is it an end in itself. It is interdependent and relative. Life, to a Buddhist, is not an entity. Feeling or sensation is the proximate cause of suffering.

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Cessation of suffering is another name for Nibbana, the summum bonum of the Buddhist. The path that leads to the cessation of suffering is the Eight-fold Noble Path. The eight-fold noble path may be looked upon from three standpoints virtue, development of mental discipline and wisdom.

They may be compared to the three jewels of the Jains—right conduct, right knowledge and right vision and the three virtues of the Zorastrians—good thought, good word and good deed. Right speech consists, in abstaining from speaking falsehood, hard and malicious words and frivolous tale. This is, however, rather a negative approach.

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Buddha was a positive thinker and wanted to prepare the mind by restraining certain unwholesome thoughts which appear in the shape of greed, hatred and delusion. Right action consists in abstaining from slaughter, stealing and sexual intercourse.

He merely wanted to stress these factors simply to mould the character. Right living is a very difficult thing in this sordid and alluring world. A wrong avocation may bring untold misery to an individual. Right effort is always a difficult thing. The world is moving fast. Eliot has recalled. Buddha was not a Saviour. He would not guarantee man to be free from the cycle of births and deaths.

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He could only guide and encourage them to seek the truth. Right effort consists in an endeavour to eliminate evil and to promote and cultivate healthy thoughts.